About Portfolio Wisdom

About Portfolio Wisdom

Founded in June, 2009, Portfolio Wisdom is a fee-only (that means NO COMMISSIONS!) Tennessee Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), whose primary business is asset management. By law RIA’s accept a fiduciary relationship with our clients. Believe it or not, most bank or brokerage “advisors” have not accepted this high legal responsibility to put your financial interests first.

The term “fee-only” also distinguishes this firm from over 90% of the brokerages, insurance agencies, bank-owned investment advisors, and even independent “financial advisors” in the industry. We sell no products and collect no commissions…

no mutual funds…. no annuities or life insurance … no CD’s or other financial instruments. We simply provide services, including asset management and advice, for a fee. We are paid only by clients… and no-one else, which eliminates most of the conflicts of interest inherent in the financial industry. High net worth families have used fee-only advisors, sometimes called Family Offices, for years to be sure that their advisors are working for them… not Merrill Lynch or some other financial firm.

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