The Mobile App that Changed Everything!

Attention individual investors!

  • Are you looking for an alternative to retail brokerages whose “buy and hold” approach discourages regular asset reallocation, making your holdings more vulnerable to market downturns?
  • Are you interested in improving portfolio performance by taking a more active role in asset allocation?
  • Are you searching for quality asset allocation advice that doesn’t involve spending hours glued to financial market reports or paying expensive commissions to a broker?
  • Are you striving to protect your life savings from a crippling loss?

If you’re tired of entrusting the health of your investments to a financial services industry that is more interested in their commissions than the performance of your portfolio…

…there’s an app for that!

Introducing the PortfolioWisdom Mobile App.

The Portfolio Wisdom App gives you expert asset allocation guidance delivered to your iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and devices including the color Kindle.  Compatible browsers like Safari and Chrome can run also run this mobile app, so you don’t have to splurge on a smartphone if you don’t already have one.

And it’s just $100 for a two-year subscription.

How does the app work? The Portfolio Wisdom app delivers simplified self-directed investment intelligence in six simple steps. LEARN MORE about how the mobile app works.

Enjoy a wealth of benefits for just $100. Better decisions, lower cost and more confidence are just the beginning. LEARN MORE about the benefits of this powerhouse personal finance app.

Download today! Purchase your two-year subscription for just $100.

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The screen shot just below shows that PortfolioWisdom Model Portfolio 1 (Risk Tolerance 1) would have provided a great deal of peace-of-mind during the last five years vs. the S&P500.

The blue line shows the theoretical performance of a $100,000 investment in the Model Portfolio 1 starting 5 years ago, while the shaded green line shows the theoretical performance of $100,000 invested in SPY (the S&P500 Exchange-traded fund) starting at the same time. Notice how stable the conservative portfolio is during the 2008 crash when SPY dropped more than -50%.

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