How We Help You

How We Help You

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If you are looking for a talented, experienced asset manager you can trust, who will take the extreme lows of investing out of play, and who reduces your overall costs, you’ve come to the right place. We put your interests first, do a better job of managing your investments, provide you better visibility and communication, and still usually manage to keep your total costs lower than they were with our predecessors. Feel free to browse our site for more information, or call me at 615-414-1942.

  • Fiduciary Relationship – Reduce Conflicts of Interest.
  • Superior Investment Strategies – Improve Risk-adjusted Investment Returns.
    We have developed proprietary diversification and risk management methodologies designed to substantially reduce the chance of large losses in your portfolio. Please take a look at our Methodology and our Model Portfolio results. This allows us to confidently offer something else that is unique in the industry…
  • Performance Commitment – We Make Every Client Money Every Year … OR ELSE
    If we fail to make a profit for you after each 12 months, we reduce our fees by the percentage of your loss. This promise is in our contract.
  • Lower Costs – Increase your net returns over time.
    Because we are independent and have less overhead, our fees are very competitive. Unlike our competition, we also offer profit sharing for qualified high net worth investors.

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Dale P Beals – Founder and President



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