Portfolio Wisdom Transition

As of December 6, 2021, I’m closing my practice as a Registered Investment Advisor in Tennessee. I am no longer “holding myself out” as an RIA. This website will continue as an educational website and personal blog. I will continue to support a few friends, family and long-term clients as their advisor, but am no… Continue reading Portfolio Wisdom Transition

Happy Thanksgiving!

2021 has been a crazy year… not as crazy as 2020, though. For that I’m thankful. While we have done OK for our conservative clients, we have underperformed for our aggressive clients. Here are the performance numbers for various asset classes so far this year (as of 11/27/2021). S&P 500: +22.76% Russell 2000: +13.46% Emerging… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

December 31, 2020

Beginning on January 1, 2021, we’ll be making a couple of changes. We will include Emerging Markets, US small-cap stocks, and the broad Commodity Index. We will substantially reduce allocation to US Treasuries. Here’s what things will look like starting the year. Asset Class Allocation YTD 2020 S&P 500 Stocks 20.65% 16.02% US Russell 2000… Continue reading December 31, 2020

Moving Back to the Standard Methodology

Yesterday, November 2, 2020, we began to buy stocks in order to move back to the standard asset allocations calculated by our model. As you may remember, it was in February that I sold stocks and real estate because I thought the markets were not pricing in the impact of COVID at all. Three days… Continue reading Moving Back to the Standard Methodology

The Trumps Caught the Covid

No surprise that the markets sold off today after the news came out. Many big traders are trained to sell first and ask questions later. What is interesting to me is that, after the initial bounce from the opening low, stocks sold off again to even lower levels. I will continue to watch where the… Continue reading The Trumps Caught the Covid

Reducing Market Risk … Almost Completely

As of this writing, I’ve moved to 85% cash and 15% SLV (Silver ETF) in our conservative client portfolios. I’ve moved to 40% cash, 35% SLV and 15% GDX (Gold Miners Index) in our aggressive client portfolios. I’ve been an individual investor since the early 1990s, a professional since 2001, and I’ve never seen the… Continue reading Reducing Market Risk … Almost Completely

Back to Within Spitting Distance of All-Time Highs for the S&P-500

Well my mind is officially blown. I could never have imagined getting back to these levels on the S&P-500 so quickly. I thought it might take a few years like the recovery after 2009. As further proof things are crazy, gold is up 33% YTD while US long term treasuries are up 25% YTD 2020.… Continue reading Back to Within Spitting Distance of All-Time Highs for the S&P-500

Stocks Break Overhead Resistance

Yesterday, the S&P-500 closed above resistance created at the beginning of the crash earlier this year. The Nasdaq has been reaching all-time highs for over a month now. Also, daily volatility has steadily reduced, finally falling below crisis levels in the VIX index. Accordingly, we began reducing our cash and investing into stocks, metals, and… Continue reading Stocks Break Overhead Resistance