Announcing Free Asset Allocation Help / Education!

Something has always bothered me about the fact that Mom and Pop investors who have most or all their retirement savings in 401k’s or their own IRA’s don’t seem to get much help making their investment decisions for a reasonable price. So, I have created 6 model portfolios using a scaled down version of the methodology I use for my firm’s clients, and made them available on for free. Each week, I plan to update the allocations for each model. I have provided theoretical historical backtests since 1/1/2004 for each portfolio model, so people can decide which model best fits their situation. Also available are instructions for how to use these models for your own information, including how to use the model allocations to inform your own 401k or 403b decisions.

Please let me know what you think about this free service. If there is enough demand, I am open to expanding this to apply the models more specifically to Guidestone, Fidelity, Tennesse Teachers, or other retirement plans.