Happy 2018! Wasn’t January nice?

Of course, January was nice, but gave back a lot of ground in the last couple of days. February is starting off poorly, but we were long over due for a pullback in stocks.

Sadly, today, it seems like everything is being sold.

Our balanced portfolios are performing well so far this year. Of special note is the fact that gold and long-term US Treasuries have entered a medium term downtrend. That change is reflected in our allocations since just after the 1st of January.

As we’ve stated before, our methodology dynamically adjusts asset allocations based on their volatility relative to the rest of the portfolio. This means that the most volatile asset classes, based on how they are CURRENTLY behaving, get the smallest percentage of the portfolio.

Also, I’ve enhanced my model by incorporating individual stock selection for the US large and small cap portions of the portfolio.

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