How to Build Your Portfolio Using Our Tools

“OK”, you say, “How do I do this?” Well, here are the basic steps… each with a link to a more detailed explanation of who, what, how, and when.

Before we start, keep in mind that portfolio does not know about your individual situation. You may need to modify this approach based on your current life situation. If you do not have sufficient cash in accessible savings for emergencies, you may need to choose a more conservative model, or keep ira funds out of the markets altogether. Please read the disclaimers about our models.  Over time, they have worked well for others and should work well for you, but, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Diversification is no guarantee of profits. Also, markets change… these models may work better or worse over the next few years than they did in the last five years.

I believe in these models and use them, but they are for your general information and not to be construed as investment advice specific to you. OK?  Here goes…

Step One – Choose your portfolio model by assessing your risk tolerance.

Step Two – Choose your investment vehicles if they are not already chosen (as in your 401k).

Step Three – Choose a Custodian (discount broker) if one has not already been chosen, open, and fund your account.

Step Four – Invest your money according to your chosen (and modified) model … either all at once or gradually … your choice.

Step Six – Rebalance as needed (huh?) … Don’t worry I’ll explain 🙂 .