About Portfolio Wisdom

Founded in June, 2009, Portfolio Wisdom is a Tennessee Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), whose primary business is asset management. By law RIA’s accept a fiduciary relationship with our clients. Believe it or not, most bank or brokerage “advisors” have not accepted this high legal responsibility to put your financial interests first.

The primary purpose of this website is to make better investors through free asset allocation models and market commentary. Donations for support of the website, the free asset allocation models and distribution of the free retirement newsletter are not required, but are greatly appreciated. We do not sell advertising space on our website. This let’s you know we receive no income but reader donations and the asset management fees from our clients.

We provide asset management services and advice, for a fee. We are paid only by clients… and no-one else, which eliminates most of the conflicts of interest inherent in the financial industry. High net worth families have used fee-only advisors, sometimes called Family Offices, for years to be sure that their advisors are working for them… not Merrill Lynch or some other financial firm.

We do not sell Annuities or Life Insurance products, although we will manage the asset allocation of existing policies on a fee-only basis for our clients.

Dale Beals