PortfolioWisdom App Subscription and User Instructions

Click on this link to begin. You will arrive at the following Sentry Screen in another browser window. Be sure you are using Safari, Chrome, or Firefox as your browser, but not Internet Explorer. It is not HTML5 compliant and does not work properly with the setup or the app itself.

If you are planning to signup through PayPal, continue with the next instruction. If you have already paid through Amazon or Google, skip down to the next place you see the Login screen in these instructions and go from there. Thanks!

Skip over all of the fields until you reach the bottom, and Click on the “Sign Up” button.

Enter your name, email address, a new password for your app, and the Capcha verification code. Then “Continue

If you have a PayPal account, just sign in to PayPal, click the LogIn button, and follow directions. If you do not yet have a PayPal account, click on the “credit or debit card” link.


Enter the payment information PayPal will use for your PortfolioWisdom app, and the Capcha code at the bottom. Then click on “Continue

You will be asked for your email address again and a password for your new PayPal account. (don’t worry, this doesn’t cost you anything, and there is no requirement for you to use this account in the future, although it will probably come in handy).

Click the “Continue” button.You should receive a message describing the transaction and asking for your final approval.

Click the button at the bottom right of the screen to approve your subscription. You should see the following confirmation screen showing the completed transaction.  STOP ……. Before doing anything else, CHECK YOUR EMAIL (preferably in another browser window or your email application). You will receive an email with a link that you must use to validate your new PortfolioWisdom app account before you can use the app!

After validating your new PortfolioWisdom App account through your email, click on the “Return to PortfolioWisdom” button. You should be returned to the Sentry “Sign In” screen below. If this screen fails to appear, go to the following URL  mobile.portfoliowisdom.com  … BUT be sure you are using your latest generation android mobile phone, iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later, or an html5-compatible browser like Safari or Chrome! INTERNET EXPLORER is Non-html5-Compliant and will not work with the PortfolioWisdom App!

If you have already paid via Amazon or Google – START HERE!

Click on the white fields on the right half of the screen and then enter your PortfolioWisdom email address and Password.  Then click on the “Go” button. You should see the PortfolioWisdom App for the first time!

ADD the PORTFOLIOWISDOM ICON to your mobile phone home page by clicking on the share arrow at the bottom of your mobile browser window or the top of the iPad window.  You should see the following options:

Click on the “Add to Home Screen” Button, then confirm your selection, and the PortfolioWisdom App is now just One Click away, whenever you need it.

You will be asked to enter your approximate portfolio size. Type in a number, or use the roller selector at the bottom of the screen. Then press the red “Next” button.

Next, you will be asked to choose a risk tolerance and model portfolio. Read the instructions, and then scroll down through the 6 models until you see the one that fits you best. The graphs show a theoretical 5 year backtest of the model portfolio (the blue line) versus the S&P500 (the Green Line / shaded area). They show what theoretically would have happened if you had invested $100,000 in each of the two choices five years ago. Look at the way the model behaved in the good times and bad times for stocks and choose the risk tolerance/ portfolio model that you feel most comfortable living with in real life. The “x% Monthly tolerable loss” is a rough estimate (not a guaranteed worst case) of how the model might behave in very bad times, like the 2008 stock market crash. Use the check mark to the right of your chosen model/risk tolerance to make your selection. It should turn blue or green.

After your selection is made, click on the red “Next” Button. You will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions of the use of the software. Please press the “Accept” button and continue. You should then see the Profile screen showing the choices you made.

Use the “Portfolio” icon at the bottom of the screen to see what your recommended Model Allocation is.

Scroll down to see the specific Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF’s) you can buy to invest your portfolio.

The number of ETF’s shown will depend on your portfolio size. If your portfolio size is less than $50,000, then you will only use six ETF’s to keep your commission costs lower. Above $250,000, your model will use 12 ETF’s to give you better diversification. In between $50,000 and $250,000, your model will include 9 ETF’s.

Now, click on the “Historical” tab shown above the pie chart. You should see a theoretical backtest showing how your model portfolio would have behaved over the last 5 years versus the SPY (S&P500) ETF!

The backtest assumes you started your portfolio and the SPY portfolio with $100,000 each. This way, you can get a feel for how your portfolio did in “bad” times and “good” times for stocks over the last five years.

Now, you can press the “News” icon at the bottom left of the screen. By the way, from now on, whenever you click on your PortfolioWisdom icon on the home page, you should see the app splash screen and then the News.

The News lists articles from the PortfolioWisdom Blog, including recent financial news, market and portfolio commentary by Dale Beals, and perhaps, other contributions by members of the PortfolioWisdom community.

If you want to know more about Portfolio Wisdom or Dale Beals Financial Wisdom, LLC, or just have any questions, please press the information “iicon to send in an email or link to the portfolio wisdom.com web site.

Enjoy! I hope you find the sense of freedom and security that a sophisticated tool like PortfolioWisdom is capable of providing.

Dale Beals