Precious Metals Dominate the Markets (but not the news) in August

Gold is up about 20% YTD 2019 through August 31, beating the stock indexes for the first time since probably 2011.

What is fascinating to me is that the US dollar continues to climb against other currencies. Usually, when gold rises in USD, the USD is sinking against other currencies. Not true right now. In spite of US debt, deficits, social security and medicare obligations, the USD continues to climb vs. other currencies.

And yet, gold, silver, and the miner are going up even faster. It sure looks like the bear market for gold that began in 2011 is over. Ray Dalio, of hedge fund fame, has opined that a new 10-year secular bull market in gold may be under weigh. Who am I to disagree?

Have a great September, and manage your investment risk.